Services We Offer

Tammany Veterinary Hospital offers complete out-patient and in-patient medical care for horses, and cattle. We provide all routine services including but not limited to deworming and fecal exams, vaccinations, Coggins and health certificates. We also offer state of the art advanced equine dentistry services, digital radiograph, and ultrasound. Our doctors are committed to incorporating the latest technology to ensure that Tammany Veterinary Hospital will remain a leader in the veterinary industry, and that your animals receive the best care available.

The list of services we provide is too extensive for this space. However, we would like to touch on a few procedures and hope you are as excited about them as we are. Please feel free to ask about the availability of any other services you may need. Keep in mind these are services we can perform at your farm or at our hospital.

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Pre-Purchase Exams
Our Doctors perform comprehensive pre-purchase exams with the capability of digital radiography, ultrasound, endoscopy, and in-house lab work for health screens. We strive to schedule and report our exams in a timely manner to benefit both buyers and sellers.

We offer equine reproduction management ranging from pregnancy checks via palpation and ultrasound, as well as artificial insemination and embryo transfers. We offer stallion boarding and are able to ship chilled or frozen semen and freeze equine semen in our laboratory. Breeding soundness exams can be performed on request. Contact us today for more information on your breeding plans.

In-House Laboratory
Tammany Veterinary Hospital has in-house blood diagnostics for Complete Blood Counts and Blood Chemistry Analysis. We also have in-house fecal floats, foal, and calf IgG, cultures, semen analysis, Packed Cell Volume, and Total Protein, as well as abdominal and joint fluid analysis.

Nutritional Consultations
Contact us to discuss your animal’s nutritional needs. Each animal is different depending on its age, metabolism, and performance level. Diets can be recommended for chronic colic, broodmares, high-end performance horses, fast-growers, older horses with weight management problems, and more. We are also a distributor of Platinum Performance and have a variety of products available at the hospital.  We can also send off your hay for forage analysis.

Bovine Herd Health 
Tammany Veterinary Hospital offers routine vaccines, pregnancy checks, dehorning, dystocia’s and C-sections, semen counts and breeding soundness exams, trich testing’s, Tuberculosis testing, BVD testing, and necropsies. Contact our clinic today to schedule an appointment for all of your cattle needs.

Advanced Equine Dentistry 
​We recommend dentistry for horses just prior to starting any training program that will introduce a bit in the mouth. The young horse should have wolf teeth removed and sharp enamel points addressed. Deciduous caps (shedding baby teeth) and deciduous incisors (front baby teeth) may be removed at this time. Horses ages two to five years should be checked every six months to see if dentistry is needed, and typically once performed should be redone every 12 to 18 months depending on the horse. Generally, older horses should be checked once a year and can be performed with yearly vaccines and general health and wellness exams. We use the latest in power dentistry equipment and pain management to keep the horse as comfortable as possible during and after the procedure. We believe that dentistry is one of the most important veterinary services we can provide. As horses are living longer it is more important than ever to ensure they have well-maintained teeth into their older age.

Lameness Exam
​The diagnosis and treatment of lameness constitute a large part of our practice.  We work on horses of all disciplines including roping, barrel racing, hunter/ jumpers, dressage, gaited horses, and English and Western pleasure, as well as your trail or working cattle horse. Our doctors are proficient in regional blocks, joint blocks and injection, and the use of newer treatment options such as bone marrow, PRP, and IRAP injections. We incorporate digital radiography and ultrasound as needed to allow diagnosis and treatment. We will work with your farrier to optimize the care of your horse’s hooves through cooperative efforts.

Tammany Veterinary Hospital currently offers surgical services for everything ranging from castrations and cryptorchids, wound and sequestrum cleaning and removal, mass removals, eye surgery, umbilical hernias, and bovine C-sections. Please contact the hospital to speak with one of our veterinarians to discuss your horse's or cow’s surgery. 

Vaccination Programs
We offer the latest recommended vaccines for both horses and cows. The recommended core equine vaccines are West Nile Virus, Tetanus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus, Western Equine Encephalitis Virus, and Rabies. The risk-based vaccines include Equine Herpes Virus (Rhino), Influenza, and Strangles. These risk-based vaccines can be given depending on each horse’s risk of exposure. Please contact us with further questions regarding your horse’s vaccine schedule or to make an appointment.

Wellness Exams
Schedule a wellness exam to go along with your horse’s annual vaccinations to ensure the continued health and well-being of your horse well into their later years. A wellness exam includes a complete physical exam as well as a brief dental exam to check for any sharp points that may need to be floated.

From your backyard milk-cow or 4-H steer to your herd of beef or dairy cattle, Tammany Veterinary Hospital is here to serve your cattle needs.  We offer routine care, herd work, and emergency services as well as reproductive, nutritional, and vaccination consultations.

​We are excited to provide ultrasound as one of our diagnostic tools for your horses. Ultrasound has been routinely used to diagnose pregnancy, tendon lesions, provide a shallow image of possible fluid in the abdomen, and visualize masses. With our newest ultrasound equipment, we are now able to provide full ultrasound diagnostics ranging from abdominal ultrasounds, transabdominal fetal ultrasound, chest ultrasound for the diagnosis of suspect pneumonia, foal ultrasounds of lungs, intestines, and umbilicus, as well as joints, tendons, masses, and vessels

Digital Radiography
​Digital radiography enables us to view images immediately and manipulate them for maximum clarity. We are also able to share the results with other facilities either via email or by burning a CD. Our clients who have had the occasion to use radiology appreciate the advantages that digital imaging offers.

​​​Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)
Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy supports the treatment of tendon and ligament problems. PRP is a by-product of the horse’s own blood which has been through special centrifugation and preparation. This process eliminates the possibility of rejection or disease transmission from a foreign source. PRP helps repair an injury at the cellular level and new studies indicate it may also reduce the incidence of re-injury. Tammany Veterinary Hospital has access to the equipment to prepare PRP, and our doctors have used these injections to successfully treat patients with lesions in tendons and on large areas of skin grafting.

​Tammany Veterinary Hospital services the Bitterroot Valley extending from Missoula to Sula, and Western Montana. Our doctors are available 24/7 365 days a year for your emergencies. Contact our emergency number to speak to one of our veterinarians immediately. We know how important it is to get fast and expert care in an emergency. Let our doctors be there for you and your animal.